La Autora

Lucrecia Cambas was born in San Juan, Argentina. She pursued university studies in her native country where she also studied drawing and painting with Dora de la Torre and counsel from the renowned Quinquela Martin. She received her Master of Arts from California State University, San Jose, in the United States. She took part in artistic and literary venues in Argentina and Europe. For many years she has resided in California and returns frequently to her native country.

Lucrecia was professor of literature, history, language and drama at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. She founded eLa Farsa,e a Spanish-language theater sponsored by the Institute. She has cultivated poetry, the short story, and the essay and has contributed articles to the Peruvian and Argentinean press, as well as to the New Scholar and American newspapers.

eRecently she traveled to La Plata, Argentina, where part of her family resides to present her latest book, ESPIRALES POETICAS, an occasion which filled the spacious hall in the Casa de Martilleros.e eIn her long life she made close friendships reaping delicious anecdotes. I am so old,e she laughs, ethat I even met Gardele she also met Alfonsina Storniee ( Eduardo Mallea, Jorge Luis Borges and other interesting persons. In the United States, she worked for Warner Brothers along with Liv Ullman and Gene Hackman.

Now, professor Emeritus of the above named institute, she dedicates herself to painting, writing and is passionate for the music of Brahms, Piazzolla and tangos. Her first book, POEMAS was published in Argentina and illustrated by the American artist Cristina Pearson Casenave. ESPIRALES POETICAS is her second book which appears with a complete English translation by Professor Carmen Scholis. She has met and extended friendship with beautiful human beings who on occasion have eased the unknowable parts of this absurd life we live and which only with God has she been able to love.